Sustainability Report 2022

Moving Safely towards a Sustainable Future

Protecting the Climate and Cost-Effectiveness Can Go Hand in Hand

With the demand for sustainable energy solutions greater than ever before, it’s a good thing that Linde MH has already been focusing on this issue for many years. And it’s at the forefront of change — from its unique approach to consulting and its range of electric forklift trucks to its exemplary use of hydrogen, including all the necessary infrastructure on its own company premises.

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Ulrike Just

To bring the concept of sustainability to life, we integrate environmental and social objectives into our business processes and activities — in all that we do!

Ulrike Just, Executive Vice President Sales & Service Linde Material Handling

Key Facts

  • 15,000

    The number of forklift trucks refurbished by Linde MH each year.

  • 16.5 t CO₂

    The amount saved by Liebherr-MCCtec in Rostock just by using a single E160 forklift truck.

  • - 40 %

    The reduction in different screws needed by the new vehicle models.

  • > 90 %

    The all-important first-time fix rate for the new generation of vehicles.

Safety First — Especially in the Logistics Sector

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Progressing towards a Circular Economy

If we want to preserve our planet, we have no choice but to embrace a circular economy. Linde MH is rising to this challenge by taking steps to ensure that more and more components and materials remain in the technical cycle or are used as resources for new products. Of course, it’s also beneficial when fewer parts are needed from the outset. That’s where Linde MH’s new special screw comes in.

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Being Good Neighbors Achieves Much More than You Might Think

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